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API Intermediates
3 Bromo Anisole
3 Methoxy Thiophenol

4 Methyl Thio Benzyl Cyanide
Para Methyl Mercapto Benzaldehyde
2-Amino-Thiozole-4Carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester

Advanced Intermediates
4-Methyl Thio Acetophenone
Benzo [b] Thiophene

4-Bromo Benzyldehyde

Dyes Intermediates
4-Phenylazo Diphenylamine

Agro Chemicals
Sodium Methyl Mercaptide Solution

Pipe Line

Quality Control

Custom Synthesis
Reaction Capabilities

 At KarvyInd applied research for drug intermediates, fine chemicals & specialty chemicals with a view to establishing, improving and modernizing environment friendly processing and products accounts for most of the research done. Extensive, well equipped laboratory for the development of effective synthetic pathway-fully supported by renowned technocrat Dr. Vibhuti J. Joshi and his team having experience of more than 20 years & modern instrumentation. Along with a central library having periodicals with chemical abstracts from 1907 onwards



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