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API Intermediates
3 Bromo Anisole
3 Methoxy Thiophenol

4 Methyl Thio Benzyl Cyanide
Para Methyl Mercapto Benzaldehyde
2-Amino-Thiozole-4Carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester

Advanced Intermediates
4-Methyl Thio Acetophenone
Benzo [b] Thiophene

4-Bromo Benzyldehyde

Dyes Intermediates
4-Phenylazo Diphenylamine

Agro Chemicals
Sodium Methyl Mercaptide Solution

Pipe Line

Quality Control

Custom Synthesis
Reaction Capabilities

KARVY THERAPEUTICS PVT. LTD. was established in 1989 with a few intrepid people to throw in their lot and a modest beginning as manufacturer of Drugs, Drug intermediates, Fine Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals.

Over a 2 decade Karvy has acquired a reputation that enjoys the trust and confidence from indigenous as well as internationally respected leaders in chemical industry. This could be achieved as we continuously strive to enhance our reputation as manufacturer and suppliers of high quality products of Indian and global chemical market with highest ethical and professional standards.

The predominance of base chemicals is gradually changing. Karvy is concentrating is increasingly on diversification, turning towards fine chemicals and drug intermediates of forth coming generation, that are less sensitive to cyclic trends and have higher added value in general.


Karvy offers Products based upon following unit process.

  (Bromination, lodination)
Amination by reduction of ...

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At Karvy, It is understood that we'll not allowed quality to take second please please behind cost or shedule.

We provide products which meet or exceed customer needs and

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Karvy is fully committed to achieve Enviornment, Health and Safety excellence and conduct its activities in the most responsible maner. It is also clearly reflected and defined into Karvy's value statements of "Managing our Enviornment" and "Be a responsible citizen."



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